My Bully...

 My bully greeted me on the school bus every morning.
I was in kindergarten. She was big - very big.
My bully wasn't really all that bad.
I was lucky that she never hurt me physically.

My grandmother sent me to school everyday with a Wagon Wheel in my lunch.
My bully ate my Wagon Wheel every. single. day.
It was the first time I experienced someone being mean to me.
The first time I realized that there are people in the world who didn't have my best interest in mind.
 The first time I realized there were crazy bitches that liked Wagon Wheels enough to eat them right out of my lunch. 

That experience taught me how to blend.
If I didn't show any sort of individuality, nobody would bother me.
and it worked for me right up until my last day of high school.
I blended incredibly well - to the point that I hardly existed throughout my entire school experience.

His bully is older than him.
His bully told him he wanted to kill him.
His bully pulled him by his ears until he cried.
His bully is making him insecure.

I do not want my son to blend.

I only hope that it is not too late to teach him that showing your individuality is incredibly fun.
It is so important to not let them change who you are.
I am only realizing this 25 years later.
I will not let Wagon Wheel girl get the best of me anymore.
Wagon Wheel girl is not here to prevent me from wearing hats with ears on them
Because I really like hats with ears on them. 

 I can only look back and hope all those Wagon Wheels gave her an ass the size of Texas that not even years of yoga can fix.

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