Halloween is usually my second favourite holiday.
This year, I couldn't really get into the whole Halloween spirit.
I tried by watching scary movies and buying way too many of those "fun" sized candy bars.
But nothing seemed to get me out of my funk.

and sometimes that's okay.

I even made EVILBOY carve his own pumpkin this year.  Boo!
 Not even dressing up as Sookie Stackhouse could make the day any better.
Actually that was a really hot and itchy wig - I hate Sookie Stackhouse now.

Of course the day of Halloween Mother Nature said "screw your mood" and made it rain.
All day and all night.
I can't remember the last time it rained on Halloween.  I remember it snowed once. Never rain.
It was awful.

I tried so hard to bribe EVILBOY to stay indoors.
I said we could do a few houses and I would go to the store the next day and buy him all the clearance candy.
Of course he said no...what kind of kid would agree to that?

He was really excited to wear his favourite "superhero" costume.
No more skunks or lions for my son, he now goes out in "Power Ranger Ninja" costumes.
and I'm really okay with it.

He was so excited to wear his costume.
The same costume I got on eBay for $9 that *just* fit him.
I had to buy another ninja costume to wear under this one because for some reason this one lacked pants.
I decided not to ask the seller what happened to the white pants - I understand!

The coolest thing was showing a picture of EVILBOY's costume to Jason David Frank (the actor who played the white ninja ranger) and he said "nice"  (I'm not gonna lie - I eeeeked!)

Even though it wasn't the best Halloween we've ever had.
Even though we were out in the rain for hours.
Even though I caught a horrible illness the next day (which I am sure is from being out in the rain)
We still had a pretty good time.  EVILBOY was so proud of his costume and watching his face light up after visiting each door was really all that I could ask for.

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