A little bit vintage...

I painted my nails. After the week they've had so far, they deserved a change from that chipped off old "I Need a Refresh-Mint" shade they had been sporting for the past three weeks.

I have quite a few shades of nail polish, but tonight one stood out from the rest.

This is my "Pinterest" nail polish pose (oh come on, you know you've seen it!). Also: don't mind my lack of fingernails. I ate them off in the waiting room before my minor knee procedure yesterday (such a wimp!)
I have had this bottle of nail polish since high school. I wore this shade to Our Lady Peace concerts, when I picked on my little sister, when I was angsty and when I tried to fit in.

This particular shade (which is so cleverly named "dark") has followed me through 8 moves. It survived 8 moving purges, pretty impressive.

It has been with me at my lowest and at my highest. I don't have many items that were quite so lucky.

Another thing I noticed is that this colour doesn't come off your skin so well. I am the worst right hand painter in the world...in fact, when I grow up and become rich and famous I will hire this guy to be my right hand painter:

Even though it smells like rotten apples and it took 3 coats to get an even colour, I still kind of like it.

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