Worst. Night. Ever!

The other night I woke up with EVILBOY standing at the end of my bed.  This is usually not a strange occurrence for a child to come into their parents' room in the middle of the night, but for my kid this is strange!

Even when he was a baby, EVILBOY has always been a very solid sleeper...and to be honest, I love him for it! I can only think of one time when he wouldn't go to sleep as a baby.  One. Time.

So it was 4am, and I'm looking at this silhouette illuminated by the gigantic security light at the old age home next door, and thinking that he is possessed.  I figured he would start changing "murder" or "brains" at any moment, but instead he asked if he could sleep with me. 

I took the smaller of the bedrooms in our apartment because EVILBOY has way more crap than I do.  In doing so, I had to downsize to a double bed, which is a perfect size for the bed hog I am.  Add another person into this bed, another bed hog at that, and it becomes something like Wrestlemania 45 (or whatever they are at now).

Then I decided to shop on eBay for an armband case thingy for my iPhone.  Which is really confusing to me because I don't necessarily need an armband case for my iPhone.  I'm not really sure how it happened, but I bought one.

After I bought the plain old boring black one, I found the "gay" edition and was kind of bummed I didn't buy that one instead.

I don't know why it's gay! I don't know why it was so cheap? Seriously, how do people make money off this stuff??

After fighting for my blankets and pillows and tossing and turning for about an hour, I decided to give the couch a try.  I went out, shooed the big fat cat off the couch and tried to get comfortable.  Big fat cat didn't enjoy losing his comfy spot so he ran around and attacked imaginary things for what seemed like forever.  I finally gave up on sleep as I watched the sun rise (which really isn't as pretty when you've only had 3 hours of sleep and your ribs have been kicked in).

I forgot the worst part of the whole night!! When I was getting into bed, I plopped down as I usually do, only this time there was PAIN.  I leaped out of bed and pulled back the covers to find this guy  (who totally looks like he was laughing at me):

 I wasn't really mad.  I was more happy that it didn't break because I just put that toy back together with paperclips last week.

Best. MacGyverMom. Ever.

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