Time to put away the flip flops....

The pencil case is stocked, the lunches are made, the backpack is...packed.

Bring on grade three.

Holy shit you guys.  My kid is in grade three.

I hereby announce the starting of my new club "moms of kids in grade three who haven't figured out life yet". All are welcome - as long as you don't have your shit together!  If your fingernails are painted and not chipped and don't have sparkles, don't even think about joining!

I have been starting many clubs lately, it just passes the time.  Let's see, there is Mean Girls Club - oops the first rule of Mean Girls Club is to not talk about Mean Girls Club and here I blabbed it out to all *checks feed count* 68 of you.

If you are not into my Mean Girls Club or Moms Club...you could always join the "I Hate the Creepy Weirdo in 608 Club" because that's always good for a laugh. Like today - he didn't acknowledge that I said hi.  Always a blast to talk about his creepiness.

I don't know where this is going - I guess I'm just sort of freaking out here.  I mean grade two was a breeze, but grade three - that is where they start doing the work beyond the ability of my old people brain. 

And like, what if he gets a teacher who is a total bitch and I have to complain about her in Mean Girls Club.  That could get silly awkward!

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