Third Grade...

2009 - 2012 - Changed so much, yet so little...
I worried about him all day long.

Being in grade three is a big deal.  I remember grade three.  I don't remember grade two, and the only thing I remember from grade one was that bitch that stole my Wagon Wheels on the bus. Grade three was the year I started to meet the friends that I held on to for my whole elementary school career and the year I joined the floor hockey team, even though I loved my teeth and spent the entire season hoping I wouldn't get a chance to shoot the "puck".

I spent most of the night before worrying that he wouldn't have his friends in his class, that his lunch would be abominable and that his teacher would be mean.  None of that happened.  Except maybe the lunch, but he claims he just doesn't want to talk about it.

I am so grateful to have a kid that tells me when it's okay to leave - way before I was ready to let go.  I watch him interact with his peers - and teachers in the school and I am in awe of this little guy.   He is so outgoing - something I had always hoped for him.

Poor little kid woke up with another "headache" this morning and the light was bugging his eyes so the shades, although look super cool, were also to help keep his headache from turning into a full-blow migraine. He lasted the entire day though and the headache went away on its own.

Mr. Celeb also got interviewed by the local news radio station.  I didn't get a chance to hear the interview but I'm sure his answers went something like this .. "Yep" "Nope" "My teacher" "Yup" ...he's a man of many words I tell ya!

Back to school is always an exciting/nerve wracking/stressful time for us. I do look forward to the routine of school and watching my little guy learn things that I will most likely need to look up online in order to help him with his homework.

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