There's no such thing as bad publicity....

At least that is what people keep telling me.  I think it's to make me feel better.

Exhibit A:

I won tickets from a local newspaper.  I went to pick up said tickets (in my Halloween costume) where I was totally paparazzi'd and asked to give a quote on the spot.  The ad has been put in our local paper numerous times.  I have been a full page ad on a Saturday.  Each time, someone will call me up and say "hey, I saw you in the paper today!".

Exhibit B:

My mother and I took in some free frozen yogurt at a grand opening and ended up on their Facebook page.  Unfortunately, a little more of me than I wanted to showed up on the page...if you look (not so closely) you will see that my bra is hanging out of the front of the shirt.  Classy. thing you know, TMZ will be capturing me getting out of my car all un-ladylike or something.

Let's face it, this gal does not belong in print.

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