The EVILS go to Fan Expo 2012....

 A little while ago (okay it was a really long time ago...eek!) EVILBOY and I visited Fan Expo in Toronto!  I had never been to a convention before, although I could tell you about the one time I missed the X-Files Convention and hated my parents for a very long time because of it - but we will save that for another time.

Fan Expo is a place where "fans" of many different things come together, dress up like characters and spend a lot of money on...well, things.  Cool things...but things. People come from all over the land to pay lots of money in admission and parking and then drop $28 to walk around with a box on their head.  And I was kind of okay with that - I mean it was their money that they earned from selling their Princess Leia in gold bikini pictures online or something and they can do whatever they want with it.  It was a good lesson for EVILBOY when I told him that I would rather go to No Frills, get a free box and make our own cardboard box head to walk around in.  Improvisation.  We learned it!

 But we did get to see some really cool things...

It really was overwhelming.  Everywhere you looked there was something that was cool or something going on or somebody dressed up like an ogre having a sword battle with a Nerf sword.  It was pretty epic.

I was so impressed with the Lego exhibit.  I can hardly put together a garbage truck for crying out loud, and here these "master builders"built superheroes...there was even a giant Lego Hulk somewhere...but that was apparently one of the things I missed.  I missed a gigantic life-sized Lego Hulk.  Time to get the eyes checked?

I could have spent the entire day at the Frankenweenie exhibit (that is, if I wasn't so so excited to see the Flashpoint panel!).  I am a huge Disney fan and to see the detail that goes into this work up close was incredible.  That little food shown above was TINY. It looks pretty large in the photo, you really had to be there, but the attention to detail was just - amazing!

EVILBOY and I attended the Flashpoint Q&A session at 3pm.  I do admit that I made him go to this against his will - but hey, I spent an hour at the EA games booth with him so the least he could do was sit there, be quiet and please don't ask any questions and embarrass your mother!

He did sit very nicely for the first little bit, but then had his hand up to ask a question the rest of the time.  I spent the rest of the panel chanting "please don't pick him...please don't pick him..." and I was lucky - they didn't!!

Afterwards we went to the autograph session where we got to meet some of my most favourite television heroes. I totally geeked out and played the oh-so-cool-not-that-excited fan (but in truth I had so much I wanted to talk about - but politely, I refrained).  My child, however, could not hold in his excitement and had to ask his question.

By the time we had reached Olunike, he could not maintain his silence.  I happened to mention to her that he was trying to ask a question and how I was so glad they didn't pick him.  She is such a trooper though, and asked EVILBOY what his question was - and then he blurted out...

"what is your favourite gun?"

Mortification. Mother turns beet red. My son, that charming little fellow, asked about guns.  I mean in hindsight, I guess it was a legitimate question, but holy make me feel like I'm raising a mini-Yosemite Sam! She answered him, but my heart was beating too loudly in my ear to hear her answer.

Then it was EVILBOY's turn to be mortified.  When he looked at his autographs later he noticed that she had drawn a heart on his card.  His mouth dropped open and he looked at me with wide eyes.  "MOM- She drew a HEART on mine".  His face was a mixture of embarrassment and wonderment.   He legitimately thought she drew a heart just for him.  I didn't want to tell him she drew a heart on mine as well!

 Here are some things I learned about Fan Expo: around for parking
Don't the guy who tells you that $25 is the cheapest place to park - he lies!

Do...get there early!  I found it wasn't so crowded when we first arrived and we were able to see a lot more of the exhibits.  By the afternoon the crowd was in full swing, complete with cardboard box heads and big gigantic costumes.
Don't...skip breakfast.  I was almost that person who fainted in a crowd of the Deep Space Nine crew.

Do...bring drinks and snacks in your backpack. Trail mix saved my dignity...and saved the Deep Space Niners from picking up a crumpled pink power ranger off the ground.
Don't ....let your child carry a camera of his own...but that happens to be yours.

Do...Dress up!  Seriously, it's a lot of fun! I don't mean you have to go all out and make yourself into a Wookie or something, but even wearing your favourite superhero on a t-shirt is a lot of fun.
Don't ....gawk at others in their costumes.  Even if they have a fleshy camel toe or not enough covering their "36 pack". Everyone is there to have fun.  Don't be a mean girl.

Do...Talk to people and take pictures with them.  You meet some really awesome people from all over the place!
Don't...Talk to the homeless man who you assume is wearing a costume. It can be awkward. 

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