Being Adventurous....

This was me last week.  Inspired by the outdoors.  Ambitious to find a new "path" ...literally.  I wanted us to have a hobby.  To enjoy some fresh air and the outdoors and pick up pine cones and Pinterest the heck out of those things. 

So I did what any smart adventure seeker does.  I enlisted the help of my #ldnont peeps on Twitter to help me find the place of adventure I had in mind - and they helped me so much.  So so much.  But I am still a little mad at them.

You see, all of them failed to mention that the place they sent me to was creepier than my ex-neighbour's fish tank room.  They sent me to a place I swear I saw once in a little movie called THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. I'm sure they all sat back and thought it was funny to send the anxious chick out into the woods to get eaten by coyotes...or witches.

But you know what, I was determined.  I passed that "warning: coyotes" sign with my breath held firmly in my chest.   Even though my heart pounded loudly in my ears, I trekked on with my head on a swivel like a brave little roadrunner.

We stopped to take a few pictures...just to show how brave we were - or to leave evidence that the bones they find scattered in these woods 50 years later were definitely ours.

Pretty much around that creepy bridge was when I decided to call it quits.  It may also have been the part where the mosquitoes joined our party and were all like "hey girl, I hear your blood tastes like Sookie Stackhouse's blood...I'm gonna eat YOU"

..and then I ran home and took some Prozac and decided to never return to the woods again.

The end.

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