I can't help it.  I've turned EVILBOY into a toy-collecting nerdlet.
(and I kind of like it).

I find real joy digging through people's old unwanted belongings to find action figures for my kid in thrift stores. I have banned myself from eBay, ever since the whole blue ranger motorcycle incident of 2012..but we shall leave that story for another time.

Tonight as we stopped into a thrift store on the way home, EVILBOY pointed out a shelf that he wanted to put his power rangers on.  My eight year old asked for a shelf. To display his collection.  I was elated!  My inner Martha Stewart was going wild with ideas.

I ended up putting "Sticky Tack" under each action figure's foot and standing them up on the shelves.  I had EVILBOY tell me which ones go together (it was actually a very hard task!) and we made a pretty cool display!


I can't get over how grown up this makes his bedroom look though.  He has his very own collection of something.  Even if it's a collection of violent little men in spandex, it's still pretty cool!

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