Not So Small....

 He's not so little anymore.

One of the hardest parts of parenting for me is watching this guy leave behind his Hot Wheels for video games.

Or when he says goodbye with just a "bye mom".  No tears.  No holding on to the legs for dear life. I only get a "bye".

This kid of mine makes his own decisions.

He doesn't reach for my hand when we come to the side of the road or in a busy parking lot.

and he knows quotes from "Borat" (thanks YouTube).

Sometimes there will be moments when he reminds me of that bright-eyed little boy.

The one who thought Lightening McQueen was a real car and was convinced his mom was a superhero. 

But then he realizes someone is watching and he turns back into macho kid.

The kind of kid who doesn't believe that his mom is married to the green power ranger anymore.

My biggest fear is missing out these moments and then next thing I know he will be asking to borrow my car (of course I will say no because my dad always taught me never to lend my car to anybody).

 Recently we got to spend nine whole days together.  Just us.  No work, no was beautiful.
It was the first time in years that we've done something like this.
Being around him without the distractions of everyday life made me realize how great of a kid I've raised.
He is polite.  He is charming.  He is brilliant.

I am proud.

I am also going to be missing him so much these next few weeks.  EVILBOY will be traveling and visiting family.  Although I am happy for him, I am going to miss his crazy face.

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