The other day I was looking out the window of my car.  There were fresh puddles on the ground from a previous rain shower.  A little girl was walking with her family.  Her family was a few paces ahead of her, probably because unlike them she was aroused by her surroundings. She took notice of the wet grass, the sidewalk ebbed away from the lawn - these were all mesmerizing, you could see it in her eyes.

When she got to this particular puddle beside my car, the little girl stopped dead in her tracks.  I knew what was happening when she suddenly turned around and leaped into that puddle with both feet - all while wearing white flip flops.  The look on her face took me back many years (but not too many!).

I remember exploring my backyard for hours.  Making museums and putting up signs for the neighbours to come and see my exhibits for the low cost of 50 cents. Eating dandelions just because I wanted to know what they tasted like.  Making streams after a rain storm.  Swimming in the middle of the street when the sewers backed up and only having to be inside when the street lights came on.

Some time over the past few years I have lost the ability to leap in with both feet (if you will).  Everything scares me. Everything.  I can't even watch the opening credits of True Blood without having a conniption fit anymore.

I thought about how much fun that would be to jump in a puddle, but immediately those thoughts were pushed aside by the "ifs".

If I jump in that puddle I might stain my dress.  

If I jump in that puddle someone might be watching and laugh at me.  

If I jump in that puddle my shoes will get wet and my feet will be uncomfortable.

but you know what? Life is too short.  I know this all too well.  Trust me.

so the next time you see a 30(ish) woman jumping in a puddle - please do not laugh at her - because it will probably be me.

Don't be afraid to get your feet wet.  They will eventually dry - unless you get trench foot or something then don't come back here and blame me - no, just jump in the damn puddle and be happy.

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