Once a Burglar....

I had the most messed up dream I have ever had last night. 
I blame it on my nightly ritual of staying up way too late watching episodes of Flashpoint
Which I am addicted to.
Which is way better than being addicted to crack or cats because I get to see a bunch of good looking people running around wearing the "cool pants" and I learn things that you should never do when you think you need to do bad things.

Get Glue says I am only 6 check-ins away from being a die hard.
and I am only a little bit obsessed...

To be fair...this was made with Face in Hole so like I didn't have to use Photoshop or anything (if that makes me at all a little less crazy!)
So anyway,
I was watching this show...it was late..I was sleepy and I had a dream.
I was a hotel burglar.  By that I mean, I went into a hotel, broke into each room and then broke into the safe in each room.

I took lots of things like Jewels and passports,  iPods and GPS units.
Things were going great.  My plan as a big-time hotel burglar was to be in and out of every room within one minute.  I made sure to knock on each door first so I didn't run into any people who would call in the SRU on me.

It was thrilling to go into each hotel room. I had no chance of being caught - and if I was going to get caught I already planned to ask for a helicopter as a getaway vehicle.  As I broke into my last safe, suddenly I heard an alarm.

I figured I had some time until the SRU showed up (plus I was pretty excited to see my favourite officers!) so I went to rob some more safes...but the alarm wouldn't stop buzzing.  It got to the point where I threw down my big sharp knife and my bag of goodies and threw my hands up in the air (JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL) and said "WOULD SOMEBODY TURN OFF THAT STUPID ALARM?"

....and then I realized that the alarm I was hearing was my the alarm on my iPhone.
I was being summoned back to reality...without seeing my favourite SRU team.

Dream incorporation...it's an amazing thing! I was blown away by this! (and a little upset that I had to be the bad guy).

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