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Today EVILBOY and I went on a little day trip to Stratford, Ontario.  You may know of such a place because a really famous person used to live there...

Of course I had to stand on Justin Bieber's star with my fugly (smelly) shoes!

I had been to Stratford a few times before, but each time I had been it started raining.  I kind of felt like Stratford hated me! Until today...when it was 50 billion degrees outside and a lovely day!

My bestie James treated us to fries from Boomers and ice cream and he took us on a tour where I saw things like:

My future pets

My future house

And these really cute patio umbrellas that I will steal and make my own *

I Instagram'd the crap outta Stratford all afternoon.  Which is kind of hard for me to do lately because every time I open Instagram I chant "hipster...hipster...hipster...". I blame that joke that's going around online.  Perhaps you've heard it?

How much does a hipster weigh?
An Instagram!

Then we went home and I got lost and instead of an hour it took me almost two to get home (thanks to the bozo who stole my GPS....ahFU by the way GPS thief...I will catch you sooner or later!) (oh and yes I did turn at the orange tractors James...but then I got lost somehow after that!)

I've kind of been "home shopping" since I decided to leave London.  I'm thinking of places that I could actually call home that are not here.  I really could see myself living in Stratford.  It's just so quaint and peaceful....and I bet nobody steals GPS' there!  *still angry*

* I actually will not steal these umbrellas so if they go missing do not blame me!

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