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I recently had the chance to attend Inspire 2012 which is basically a conference for Canadian youth to be inspired (my description is pretty mediocre, a visit to their site is really worth a read!).  I admit, I am a little bit beyond the "youth" target they had in mind, but I was looking for a little inspiration and I did leave there with a more open mind.

Before I get into the speakers, I just want to touch on the attendees at this conference.  They were young - way younger than me - and they were so engaged and bright eyed.  It was so refreshing to see young people who actually care about their future.  I was completely the opposite at their age, which is probably why I am here and not a bajillionaire or something.

Sue Sgambati
Sue Sgambati is a Crime Specialist report at CP24.  Sue has more than 20 years experience in print, radio and television.  Ms. Sgambati spoke of how she had been told many times before she landed her first job.  Her advice was to never take no for an answer.   

"Success is the best revenge"
I absolutely loved the story she told of how she had an interview where the interviewer ripped her apart for an hour. Of course she didn't get the job, but eventually her career launched and soon after that interviewer became one of her biggest fans.  This is something I will keep in mind when I'm starting to feel negative.

"If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up somewhere else"
 This is so very true.  Basically you keep your eye on your destination.  Not everyone will make it there the exact same way, there may be some curves in the road, but if you have this set goal and you are passionate, you will make it.

Dr. Jonathan Cardella
Dr. Jonathan Cardella is a Vascular and Endovascular surgeon working at Humber River Regional Hospital.  I will be honest, I have never been in a conversation with a surgeon before, nor have I ever thought I would, but this man really is quite possibly the coolest surgeon ever.  He's even cooler than "McDreamy".

"I was never the smartest guy in my class"
Dr. Cardella's message was to work hard.  He mentioned how he never really tried in school at first which in the long run ended up making things take a lot longer for him in his career.  "Coasting is easy - work as hard as you can". Dr. Cardella actually kept 56 rejection letters from many different medical schools as a badge of honor.

"It doesn't stop just because you thought you made it"
Dr.Cardella eventually went on to become the surgeon he was striving to be, but it took a lot of hard work.  He says that even though he wasn't the smartest, he had to learn to work hard and he aimed to be the most motivated to get where he is today. 

Frank Carnevale
President and CEO of Bridgepoint Group Ltd. and Managing Partner of Bridgepoint Asset Management Inc. and Bridgepoint Green Capital Inc.  I loved how Mr. Carnevale started off by taking a picture of the audience to tweet.

"Every second you are in your comfort zone you are not growing"
Mr. Carnevale had a strong message.  Step out of your comfort zone to network to be successful.  You should be out of your comfort zone more than you are in it.  A very important message.  Something I still have to work very hard on. 

"Always have the next challenge waiting"
This is also something I should probably work on.  At this point in my life, I feel like my goals are so far away that I have nothing planned for after I do reach them. 

"You are responsible for where you are going"
If you not on the right track, only you can fix it. 

Raine Maida
Founding member and lead singer of Our Lady Peace.  Also known as "my obsession" in high school. I have had the chance to meet Mr. Maida many times - every single time I was a blubbering mess.  Raine's message was all about being creative - something I hold very dear to my heart.

"I get up in the morning to write a song"
Creativity cannot be forced.  He spoke about ways he clears his mind in order to write a song whether it be going for a run etc.  My creativity always seems to come while I'm in the shower, which is pretty inconvenient.  I wish it would come when I was sitting at my desk - close to paper and pens.  He mentioned how 4am was written "collaboratively" with his wife because of a phone conversation they had earlier.

"Never be the smartest in the room"
I loved this message he shared that was passed on to him by his father.  You should always be around people who inspire you. Surround yourself with positive energy and be comfortable with yourself to channel creativity. 

Inspire is a great program for youth.  I feel like I may have been a little out of the target range for this group.  I really wish I had gone to something like this when I was in high school.  When I graduated high school, my parents told me to become a computer programmer.  I hated computer programming, I wanted to be a social worker, but I didn't want to upset my parents. That September I was the most unhappy computer programming student ever.  Eventually I dropped out and got some wonderful work doing door-to-door sales and call centre work.

After R. passed away, I had to do something with my life quickly, which is how I ended up in medical administration.  Really not my goal in life, it was more of a short-term goal.  Not even close to my social worker goal (and even further away from my dream to be a princess at Disneyworld).

Thank you very much to the organizers for a very inspiring day!

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