Hopping Mad!

Yesterday EVILBOY and I went hunting for frogs (and princes).

This is something that doesn't occur very often in our household.  Even though I love frogs and the fun that comes along with pond hunting (minus the bug bites and creepy dragonflies), we rarely make the trip due to our busy schedule and my laziness (see: working full time and being a single mother sucks the life out of you).

Yesterday I was inspired.

It's time to focus more on the little things in life that bring joy.  Things like pond scum between your toes on a sunny May afternoon. 

and EVILBOY became an expert frog hunter.

Everything was great.  There were smiles and laughter and we met a couple of interesting young boys who taught EVILBOY how to hold a frog (things that his mother is not so good at).

and then these interesting young boys turned out to be wretched little weirdos.

I heard the smaller boy say they should dissect a frog.  EVILBOY joined in their war cries, though I'm not so sure he understood what dissecting actually meant. My protests and stern mom voice however went unnoticed as one of the boys began hitting a frog with a stick.  The sickening thuds made my stomach turn.  I couldn't believe the viciousness of a young child (probably around ten years old).

EVILBOY shrieked "YOU ARE KILLING MOTHER NATURE" which lost him cool points with the weirdos. I dumped out their bucket of victims frogs and took off with my mini David Suzuki in tow. By the time we had made it to the top of the hill, the young boy was playing with the frog's insides. Of course their parents were nowhere to be found (I figured they are probably off torturing kittens or something).

I feel like I should have done more, but there was nothing more I could without threatening these little goons. I knew I had to get EVILBOY out of there to spare him any more exposure to such brutality.  He was very upset.  Our afternoon of smiles and laughter turned into confusion and regret.

Frog hunting used to be much more innocent when I was a kid.

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