Love Thy Eyeballs

(I even took a pic of my contact insertion method-complete with my chippy nail polish.)
I have been told to stop calling myself stupid.

Sometimes there are instances where I really am stupid though and I feel like I should probably share this story - because I can laugh at myself sometimes.

It's healthy.

Not only am I pretty dumb sometimes, I am also terribly cheap. For example, my eye doctor gave me a free pair of contact lenses to trial last year. They were one month lenses which means in one month, any normal person (who is also not cheap) would throw these lenses away. I chose to wear them for almost an entire year. Until they started to break down and have jagged edges and made my eyes red and itchy.

Because of my "thriftiness" I put off ordering new lenses but I couldn't pass on the coupon code I found online for buy 1 get 1 free lenses! The only problem was these were daily lenses. The kind that you throw out after one day - something I just can't do! I figured I could probably get a month out of these but being unfamiliar with daily lenses, I wasn't too sure how well these would fare with my abusive contact lens use. So last night I carefully put these "fragile" lenses into my usual case and went to bed.

Imagine my disappointment when I put in my left lens this morning to complete blurriness. I couldn't see at all. First I panicked because I thought it went under my eyelid (contact wearers will know exactly what I'm talking about here, when the lens folds up and disappears behind your eyeball - grossest feeling ever!). I plucked it out of my eye - disappointed that the lens company found a way to get past cheapskates like me - they made a lens that dissolves in solution over night - I was sure of it!

I then figured this lens was defective and that surely the other lens would be okay. So I plucked it out of the lens case - only then to realize that there were two contact lenses stuck together. Yes, I had put my new lenses in with my old lenses! Once I separated them I could see perfectly! There still was the problem of the left lens though. Luckily I didn't flick that one in the toilet as I usually do (I swear I didn't!) so I picked it up from the side of the sink and spent the next ten minutes carefully trying to pry it apart.

(My stupidity doesn't end here - unfortunately)

After many swears and finger cramps, I then realized that I could see perfectly. You see, when I took out the first lens, only one of the lenses came out and the original left lens was in my eye THE WHOLE TIME.

I swear the contact lens company should sponsor me as like the person who not to be like when using contact lenses…like the "before" girl or something.

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