The Scars...

I grew up with you.  I loved you. I defended you.

Was it all a mistake?

I don't know how much more I can take.

As I walk, your scars are glaring sorely on the street corner. I become afraid for my child.  For our future. I know something has to change.  I used to see you healed. Now I only see the scars.

and it scares me.

The wind blows and entangles the back of my hair.  I clumsily try to tame it with my numb fingers and I realize that the tangles don't hurt as much as the destruction I see around us. My eyes glance to the sidewalk as I scurry between residents, avoiding eye contact at all cost, all while holding the hand of the innocent who is taking it all in - not knowing the wrongs I see. 

I never want him to be afraid like me.
A mother should hold her head up high.

I feel my anxiety pills are failing just as we reach our destination.
An environment I feel comfortable in.  A familiar face and smile.  I feel saved. My breathing calms.

Sometimes you just have to let go of things you cannot change.
Sometimes you just have to feel like you are doing something to cause change.

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