The world just wouldn't be the same without a Captain Insano or two....

This world is full of Captain Insanos.

I'm serious.  There are quite a few among us in society who are just way out there.

and that's okay.  Makes things a little more interesting I guess.

I make a great target by the way.

Take today for instance, crazy older lady with hot pink lipstick seeping into the cracks of her lips comes up and knocks on my car window in a shopping mall parking lot.  I roll my eyes as I roll down the window, thinking she was just looking for some of my penny collection that I keep in my cup holder.  To my surprise, she didn't want money, she just wanted to inform me that we would be getting 4cm of snow in today's storm and 7cm by Thursday.  "You don't say?"  I replied (after all, it is never a good idea to be mean to a Captain Insano - no matter what their age. First it's rude and secondly they fight dirty).
My once non-violent boy now brings weapons to outdoor play and calls me Rita Repulsa.

Meanwhile, I am really wishing this lady would take her hot pink lips away from my car so I could drive away and continue worrying about getting a friggin Megazord and Dragonzord toy so my 8-year-old will stop using my toilet brush as a Dragon Sword Flute.

Yes, you read that correctly, my child has decided to lose interest in all the wonderful toys that I spent three months worth of groceries on for Christmas and is now only interested in playing with the same toys that my parents spent a fortune on 17 years ago.  Of course we no longer own any of these toys, my mom threw out our abandoned toys before they could even collect dust.

Searching on eBay makes me even angrier because the same damn power flute thingy that I had is now going for $80+ (not to mention the outrageous shipping to get to Canada). 

So my quest to find a Megazord or Dragonzord failed miserably today in that snowstorm.

but I did find a Captain Insanozord so that was kind of cool.

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