Monster Jam - January 15, 2012 - #JLCReviewer

A trip to Monster Jam means the thick smell of gasoline and nachos filling the air, people wearing over-sized novelty hats and standing up to let your neighbour through to their seat.  To some, this may sound awful, but to a Monster Jam fan, it just means another exciting year of 10,000 pound, larger-than-life 1500 horsepower beasts tearing up some spongy dirt and a great time out with the family.

We were very lucky to be chosen by the John Labatt Centre to do a #JLCReview of the Monster Jam show this afternoon.  Today was a very special day for EVILBOY because it is also his 8th birthday!  We were also very lucky to attend the Pit Party this morning where we got very up close with the trucks.  When you look closely at these trucks, you can see how much work goes into them and how intricate they really are. I can only imagine how much about these machines you have to know to fix them (sometimes many times) in each show.

EVILBOY was so excited to have his Hot Wheels toy signed by Grave Digger's driver, Rod Schmidt and got to meet many of the other drivers.  Unfortunately, we arrived a little late and were unable to get close to Northern Nightmare (Cam McQueen) who definitely seemed to be a fan favourite this time around.

One thing you must know about Monster Jam is that hearing protection is important.  Not only hearing protection, but a good pair of hearing protection for your children will really make the show more enjoyable.  You can purchase a good set of hearing protectors at the souvenir booth at a Monster Jam show for $20 (very cute Monster Jam themed set) or you can visit a hardware store and pick up a set, probably for a little less, I think ours were around $12-15.  Last year we went with the inner ear (marshmallow) type and were very unsuccessful and EVILBOY had a hard time with the noise.

London, Ontario was visited by Grave Digger driven by Rod Schmidt, Higher Education driven by Jim Tracy, Aftershock driven by Bob Robbins, Krazy Train driven by Mark Noto, Rap Attack driven by Dave Rappach, and Northern Nightmare driven by Cam McQueen.  We were also very lucky to witness the debut competition of Northern Nightmare.  A very exciting weekend for Monster Jam fans indeed!

There were many exciting moments during this event.  The first one happened only moments into the show when Higher Education took a tumble and crunched up his truck a bit.  This also came back to haunt him later in the show when he had some mechanical issues (most likely from the flip over).  The Quad Wars were also very edge-of-your-seat entertaining, when Canada beat the USA in a very close race.  Both parties agreed to a re-match and USA eventually beat Canada when the Team Canada driver took a nasty spill on the last turn (I hope he's okay!).

I was overall very impressed with the sportsmanship and general passion for the sport I witnessed today.  It was so good to see how these teams help each other out when in need (Grave Digger's team was helping the Higher Education team get fixed up so he could complete the show).  I was also impressed at how good at parking the drivers were.  They backed these giant trucks into spots with such ease, I can't even park my Pontiac Vibe in reverse, so kudos to them! 

In the end, the overall winner turned out to be none other than Northern Nightmare (who is also EVILBOY's new favourite car) with nine weekend wins in nine attempts!

A very special thank you goes out to the John Labatt Centre (@JLC) who again allowed us to be their guest as a #JLCReviewer.  The #JLCReviewer program is such an amazing opportunity and I am so proud to say I have been a reviewer twice now.  Thank you so much for making my son's 8th birthday a very special and very memorable day. 

Disclaimer:  We were provided with admission for this show.  The opinions expressed are my very own.

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