And the worst mother of 2011 award goes to...


Well maybe not the worst... There may be a few higher up on the bad mother list. (watch TLC on Wednesday nights and you'll see what I mean).

We are learning responsibility in my home. It has been a long (and very frustrating) process and we have made some progress. EVILBOY is almost eight and his only responsibilities are making sure he has everything he needs for school in his backpack the night before and feeding the cats. I think that's pretty fair for an almost eight year old. Last night his backpack was not emptied and set up for the next day.

Not a huge deal, more of an annoyance, but really got me was the OPEN applesauce that he didn't want to eat that had spilled all over inside his backpack...and then all over my brand new boots!

We were already running late so this minor annoyance suddenly turned into crisis mode. Another backpack had to be found, everything had to be wiped off (and dried) and my boots smelled like old apples.

In my frustration, and while trying to get the point across about responsibility, I pulled out all the artwork that he had done at school. All the Santas, cotton ball snowmen and the baby Jesus colouring pages.

I pulled out the last item. A green card, folded once. A picture of Santa was on the front. A lot of work had been put into this item, more than all the other art. As I pulled it out of the soiled bag, a dramatic plop of applesauce fell to the floor.

"and THIS" I said sternly, shaking the rest of the applesauce to the floor. "who did you make this for?" I added.

"my dad" he replied quietly, tears welling in his eyes, "I was going to ask if I could put it on his grave because he was special"

...and then my heart turned black and died.

I gave him a hug, not just any old hug but a "mom hug", the kind that you need when you are hurting so deeply.

He didn't deserve the way I spoke to him this morning, nobody does really. I think I learned my lesson in kindness this morning.

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