Trick or Treat 2011

EVILBOY almost missed out on trick or treating this year because of his EVILroom and his EVILmouth but he scrambled quickly on Sunday night and cleaned most of his room. He was lucky that his mama was feeling a little less than evil and agreed to let him go.

(I promise he was happier than he looks)

Unfortunately the weather was a little rainy and EVILBOY was battling one of his evil migraines so the night began earlier so he could get to bed on time.

Even though he was The Flash, not feeling well really slowed him down. Many people asked him if he was Sheldon ...and he had no clue who they were talking about but I did and had a good laugh about it because he does kind of remind me of Sheldon. My kid really knows how to pick costumes!

The night ended with EVILBOY begging to go home to bed and not one piece of candy was consumed - by him.

Migraines are horrible!

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