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Emails that stores send out to promote their products can be often annoying, often featuring a product you have no interest or a sale that comes at a time when your cash flow is not so good.

If you are anything like me, your inbox fills up pretty quickly with these messages that often are left for months when I get tired of my inbox reading 164 new messages.

Sometimes you get a little gem from these companies in these emails, which makes hearing about all those products you wish you had all this time worth it.

One of my favorite store mailing lists is Build A Bear. I have to put up with the reminders that they now have 5 different Hello Kitty bears a few times a year, but I am also rewarded with little coupons and incentives to come in every so often.

We are proud members of Build A Bear's opt-in email list and are very happy with the rewards we receive.
We have received many coupons that are very fair for making the trip in to the store. Just this past summer we were rewarded with a free bear accessory. We left the store with a free pair of bear shoes, just for listening to what the company has to say (or tempt me with) every once in a while.

If you have the patience for emails, joining opt-in emails (such as the Build A Bear email list) are a great way to save money!

EVILBOY was very excited to spend our 25% off coupon we received in our email last night (pictured above).

Disclaimer: this is solely my opinion. I have not been hired to share this information with you.

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