I've been hermiting for quite a while now.
My grandmother was the best hermiter in the whole entire world.  She didn't go anywhere for years.
She was loved so much that people just came to her.
I want my life to be that way someday.

I am okay though.
Things are sort of looking up.
My face is starting to get better.
(and thank you all so much for your wonderful comments ♥)

Unfortunately I saw a dermatologist who was kind of a dud. 
According to her RateMD score, she sort of is a bit of a jerk. 
But she did prescribe me some magic cream that made me not so hideous. 
So I have to thank her too. 

Here is a list of things I have done since I have been hermiting:

  • Watched all nine seasons of The X-Files (actually I'm only half way through season nine and only one of two movies has been watched). 
  • Fell in love with David Duchovny all over again.
  • Messed up my computer really badly.
  • Erased everything on my computer.
  • Fixed the computer.
  • Got asked if I was pregnant
  • Decided to hermit some more.

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