Frugal Flu...

A friend recently mentioned that my blog has been pretty boring lately. Normally I would have put up my guards and slapped her multiple times upon the face like never before, but she had some ideas that I liked so she was spared from my slapping wrath.

It is true, I haven't had much to say lately. I could lie and say it was because I have been having a steamy affair with a smokin hot FBI agent who believes in UFO's...which is actually partially true. I have been wrapped up in re-watching every episode of The X-Files that was ever made (including both movies). Which doesn't really make for juicy blog writing stuff...I mean, unless you're into that thing?

As I was saying, my friend mentioned that I am really good at being frugal (which was just a nice way of saying that I am cheap).

This is very true though. I hate spending money. I cringe every time I have to swipe my card for necessities that I see only going up in price over the years. Because I hate spending so much on things, I have learned how to sniff out sales, price match and use rewards to get the absolutely best price I can.

Being a single mother who lives on one income, being frugal is my only choice and I hope to share some great deals right here on my (boring) blog.

Sears Canada has 50% off clearance toys this week! I managed to finish my Christmas shopping for all the kids on my list this weekend and I spent a total of $110.

I got Hot Wheels sets for around $10, I got a V.Tech reader (regular $69.99) for $8. I also got a Paper Jam guitar for $7 and some Transformers (around $5). There were also many newer toys like Squinkies ($5) and Zoobles as well

The best part is, it hasn't been very picked over because not many people know about the sale and they keep bringing out new items.

***If you are in London, Ontario, the Westmount Mall location has a bigger selection than Masonville and their clearance prices are more reasonable. ***

Hope you get some great deals!

UPDATE: (11/23) As of last night, the sale signs have been pulled down. A friend spoke with a sales consultant who informed her that the sale had been pulled due to incorrect signs. 

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