Not your average pumpkin...

EVILBOY was so excited to pick out a pumpkin yesterday. Our tradition is to go out to the pumpkin farm, go on a wagon ride, maybe experience a corn maze and take lots of pictures. That is when we find the perfect pumpkin.

Going to a pumpkin farm after a week's worth of rain is never a good idea. I have a mud phobia. I hate the way it feels on your feet (plus I just got some really cute new shoes!).

Yesterday EVILBOY couldn't wait any longer for a pumpkin to bring up to our apartment that is many flights up. I feel I should mention this because to me, dragging a huge pumpkin up to our little apartment is rather silly. When you are 7, apparently pumpkins are the greatest thing that fall has to offer, rather than trick or treating or jumping in leaves.

I'm sure we will carve this thing up soon, and I'm sure it will become a snack for our new blue jay friends who come to our balcony to steal our peanuts.

I'm sure we can still visit the pumpkin farm but I now realize that the smiles you get from a $2 grocery store pumpkin are just the same as one from the farm.

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