Halloween 2011...A sneak peek!

 This year for Halloween I am dressing up as one of my childhood heroes. 

She's probably third on my list, but He-Man and Optimus Prime are pretty hard to dress up as. 

I was inspired by a pair of socks and the whole thing went on from there. 

Most items came from thrift stores and were modified by me. 
I think in total the costume took about 5 hours to complete.

(keeping in mind that I no longer own a sewing machine so all the stitching had to be done by hand - yikes!)

I also may have cut the skirt a little too "sharp" for my liking.  Let's face it...I no longer have a Rainbow Brite body so it's best to hide as much as I can! 

Here's a more specified description of how to put together your very own Rainbow Brite costume:

  1. Blue Dress ($7.99, Goodwill) - I went for a retro blue dress with big old shoulder pads.  I would prefer it to have a little more sheen in it *insert Charlie Sheen joke here* but there really wasn't much to go with and I was kind of in a hurry to get the base of my costume started. I am sure if you keep your eyes out throughout the year you may come across an old shiny blue prom dress that may work a little better. You also want this to be solid blue (no designs). I cut the dress into a point at the bottom and unfortunately I cut a little too high.  Nothing a pair of black shorts underneath can't fix. To make the cut even I folded the dress in half and followed along the line of one side. If you are good at sewing, you probably have a better method of doing this!
  2. Striped stockings ($11.99, Talize) - These are what started it all and were the most expensive item in the whole costume.  I recently found a pair at McCullough's for a few dollars cheaper, but I had already purchased these ones.  That's what I get for not shopping around *sigh*
  3. 1 metre red sheen fabric ($3.00, Fabricland) - I probably could have gotten away with only buying 1/2 a metre of fabric for this but I didn't know if that was allowed or not so I bought the full metre (fabric n00b).  I cut a wide strip of the fabric, turned it inside out and folded it in half.  I then pinned it and sewed a seam.  Turned it back inside out (or right side in...whatever!) and ironed and there you have it, a super awesome Rainbow Brite sash. I used felt to create the rainbow and star.  You must not forget the star! I have seen way too many Rainbow Brite costumes that forget the star...that's like her powers you fools! I may sparkle this part up with some glitter glue later on.  The star was drawn on paper and then cut out, the rainbow was all freehand.  Have fun with this part, I'm sure you can come up with some really creative designs here!
  4. 1 metre white sheen fabric ($3.00, Fabricland) - I definitely could have gotten away with buying 1/2 a metre for this...actually I could have probably just bought one big long strip.  I have so much left over. I managed to cover the bottom of the dress in a white trim.  Don't ask how I did it, it was a messy job.  I basically used some fabric glue and then sewed around it.  I watched 4 episodes of The X-Files while doing this part.   If you have a sewing machine or know someone who sews, I highly recommend getting some help for this part! 
  5. 3 red sheen dots  (leftover) - I used some of the leftover red sheen fabric to make these. I just traced a circle onto paper, cut it out and then pinned it to fabric and cut that out.  I had to sew around each one which made them look a little "puffy" which I kind of like. 
  6. Rainbow baby pants ($.99, Talize) - These were a hard find!  I wanted to have some kind of rainbow sleeves but I a) didn't want to sew any more by hand! and b) didn't want to add another $11.99 to my budget for another pair of rainbow socks (just cut off sock part).  I was browsing Talize one day and these pants caught my eye.  I cut off the top to make itty baby booty shorts (and donated them back of course - mostly for giggles) and I then had two rainbow sleeves that fit my arms perfectly.  I sewed the "legs" (badly) to the arms of the dress. Actually I think this part of the dress could use a little work - especially since I sewed one of the legs on inside out (dumb!).
  7. Wristbands ($1, Dollar Giant) - At this point I was so tired of sewing. I had started making the wrist bands out of the leftover dress cuttings BUT they were so hard to sew and I didn't have Velcro or anything to keep them together.  I was lucky to find these bright blue wrist bands at the dollar store.  I made two stars using leftover felt I had laying around and sewed them on to the wrist bands.  They might not be a great match, but they saved my sanity a little bit. 
  8. Sparkly suspenders ($5.99, Value Village) - These were a lucky find in the "clown" section of the Halloween items at Value Village.  I did later find some rainbow suspenders, but I think these ones really add to the costume and the rainbow ones might be taking it a little overboard so these were a great find!
  9. Yellow Felt (leftover) - I had this felt laying around from other projects and did it ever come in handy!  The neck of the blue dress was originally a bit of a scoop style so I made the square of felt and sewed it over the scoop so it made a bit more of a boxy neckline.  I really wasn't so sure about the dress until I added this part on!  I sewed the red dots on after I glued and sewed the yellow strip on, although I'm sure it would be easier to sew the dots on before you sew the yellow strip on. 
  10. Yellow "celebrity wig" ($6.99, Value Village) - I was looking for a wig that would allow for bangs and a high ponytail.  Unfortunately, this one has the hairline of a zombie woman so putting it in a high ponytail is really not an option. I did manage to get it into a somewhat acceptable ponytail by brushing it (who would have thunk you could brush fake hair - duh!).  Now the problem is keeping my big head in it without showing my dark brown hair.  Might skip the wig and spray paint my hair with those toxic hair paints they have at the dollar store. 
Rainbow Brite also has a star on her cheek.  I found some sparkle star stickers at the dollar store to put on, but you may also paint it on.  

Have lots of fun.  Be safe! Happy Halloween! 

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