$1.20 a litre...

We got lost on the way to the apple farm on Sunday.  
Completely lost. 
We ended up in another city. 
Running out of gas. 

We had been to this particular farm so many times. 
But for some reason we were lost. 

Gas is $1.20 a litre. 

Plus I had a little car mishap the day before which cost me a whole new front passenger tire. 
All I could think about was money. 
Even with the beautiful scenery in this place we had never been before, all I could think about was how much being lost was costing me financially. 

Which is really how I look at a lot of things in life. 
I wish I could stop doing that. 
Some people never have to think about money. 
I wish I could be one of those people someday. 

Eventually we found our way again. 
And I thought about how many times I have found my way, even when I thought it was never possible.
Even though our little detour took up a lot of our time...
it was time we got to spend together. 

Of course this is me trying to look on the bright side after a frustrating weekend. 

....but it was time we got to spend together. 
All frustrations aside, family is what it really is about. 

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