Western Fair #RealSeriousBloggers ....

I am so very happy to announce that EVILFLU has been chosen as a Real Serious Blogger for this year's Western Fair!!

I want to say thank you so much to the Western Fair for choosing me as someone to represent their organization and giving me a chance.  I may not have the most Twitter followers, I definitely do not have the most blog viewers and sometimes I can kind of be a dork.

I am so excited to blog about the fair. I remember going to the fair when I was a little girl.  Riding the double Ferris wheel (what ever happened to that thing??) and winning those little "metallic" cartoon character pictures on the ring toss game.

I remember coming back to London to go to college and the first time going to the fair without adult supervision *gasp* and riding the roller coaster over and over again because my friends and I thought the ride operator was cute.

Some of my best memories of R. are from the fair.  The first time we went to the fair together I was about 5 (maybe 6) months pregnant.  I ate everything I could get into my mouth.  Corn dogs, cotton candy, those little donuts that they bake right in front of you (mmm....doooonuts).  I even tried my first deep fried Mars bar that year when one of R.'s friends found out I was pregnant he had to buy me a deep fried Mars bar, because the baby wanted it of course. Have you ever noticed that free food always tastes better?  That must have been it because now the thought of a deep fried Mars bar is a little repulsive (chocolate-covered bacon, you will be mine!!).

By the end of the week (after going for most of the ten days) I was so afraid to go to my doctor's appointment because of all of the junk food I was eating.  When I got the courage to step on the scale at the doctor's office, I had actually lost weight from all the walking we did at the fair (so make sure you shove your face full of food when you go to the fair - it will all be okay!).

R. and I got to bring our son to the fair together one time when he was eight months old. Some of my happiest memories of us together are at the fair.  Even though EVILBOY was pretty small to ride on anything, he was so mesmerized by all the lights and sounds.  We had a great time together.  Unfortunately, we only got to attend as a family for one year, but that will always be my favourite year at the fair.

The fair holds a special place in my heart because of those memories.  In a way, I have watched EVILBOY grow up through the fair:

2005 (not a fan of the fire trucks!)
My goal this year is to get him back on the ponies.

Which has proven to be pretty much impossible since the doctor told him he was allergic to horses.  I say make the sacrifice, but he is pretty serious about not going near the ponies.

Thank you again to the Western Fair and I hope that you all will come and visit me at the Real Serious Fun Blog!

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