The Dog Days of Summer...

I had to Google what the dog days actually meant.
It actually didn't really mean what I was trying to portray here, but a few of my friends got new dogs this I guess that's kind of dog day-ish.

EVILBOY has been begging for a dog for a very long time.  I would love to have a dog at some point, but unfortunately it's not the right time for us.  I'm not entirely sure when a good time would be, but while we are living in a small apartment with two cats, it's not really a good situation.  Especially when I want one of these dogs:

 I grew up with a dog just like this guy.  His name was Brutus and he was the best dog in the world!  If you wanted to ride on his back it could be done, if you wanted him to pull you in a sled - done, eat the mailman's face and drag my little friends down the street, literally - done! He was a great dog (minus the mailman part).

So to all my friends who brought home their new baby puppies, have lots of fun and let me borrow them when you go on vacation!

Speaking of dog days, this is how we spent yesterday:

This year he mastered handstands!  (well, sort of!)

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