I realized that I haven't touched my camera since my niece's wedding.  It sat on a shelf in my dining room for months.  Which is funny because it was literally the only thing on the whole shelving unit- which made denying my hobby even more obvious.  You might wonder why I only have one thing on a shelving unit? One day my neighbour knocked on my door and asked me if I wanted some shelves. At the time, I though it would be rude to say no*, so I took them.  Now I'm trying to figure out a way to get rid of them without hurting her feelings - or having her catch me move them out in the process!

 (*Yes I am strange)

Today was one of those days where nothing was needed to be done. This doesn't happen very often, so I decided to dust the camera off the shelf, wipe away the cobwebs and take some photos.  After all, I have my favourite subject back, so why not make him pose for a few pics (which has become extremely difficult!). 

Our first stop was Yoyos - my favourite yogurt place.

Of course EVILBOY had to have the biggest yogurt!  It goes by weight, his ended up being $8 - and I get a 25% employee discount (the owners of my company own Yoyos too).

A pretzel on top to complete the masterpiece. 

To compare, this was my $3 yogurt - non-dairy pink lemonade, almonds and hemp granola - you must try it...soooo good!

Love the decor!

and this lamp!

Safety first!

Silly me let EVILBOY ride his scooter downtown. I cringed as he weaved in and out of pedestrians.  I had to have a little scooter safety lesson with him.  Once we got that sorted out and things started going well again, a lady walked out of a store and EVILBOY ran into her!! He was upset and apologized, which was very nice of him, but we have decided from now on the scooter does not go downtown.

I'll take one of each

One of these too!  (just not in chocolate orange - ick!!

I didn't know cotton on a stick was a home decor thing!  I just wanted to rub these on my face - for some strange reason.  They were so soft!! Nothing like the cotton balls you buy at a department store. 

I just really like the colours on this old building.

Since we were walking around for so long (and I got blisters on the bottom of my feet), we decided to take the bus home.  When we finally walked in the door we had to quickly wrap up a gift and leave again for my nephew's 5th birthday party. 

I love birthday cakes! This one was exceptionally cute...and was very tasty with strawberry/whipped cream filling. *drool*

The Beyblade tournament got a little heated.  EVILBOY was the champion - according to himself, and my other nephew wasn't too pleased with this title.  He stormed off when he lost. His temper makes parties much more fun sometimes!

The Buzz Lightyear pinata was a big hit - literally! (ha..funny!!)

Hailey wished she could get a hold of the pinata...

When the pinata *finally* broke, there was an epic scramble for candy!
Everyone was happy - it was a great day!

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