He's Coming HOME!

EVILBOY is on his way home today.  So glad he wasn't here last night during that big storm, or I would have been a little more afraid.  That was one of the worst storms I have seen in a while.  At one point when I did get a little nervous, I called my mom, but the reception was wonky - that made me a little more nervous.  When I finally did get to speak with her, she was at bingo during a power failure.  At bingo.  No power - grumpy mom.

I sometimes feel guilty for sending EVILBOY away for most of the summer, but the truth is, he got to do so many things that I wouldn't have been able to do with him and he got to visit family that we wouldn't have been able to see for the whole entire summer. One of the hardest things about being a single parent and working full time is not being able to have the finances or time to travel and visit family.  I am very grateful for the things EVILBOY got to do, even if I did miss him a whole bunch!

I spent most of the time re-organizing his room. Making it a little more grown up. Putting away all the baby things that I liked (well most of them anyway!).  When I was done, the room felt so empty.  It didn't have reminders of him playing in it - and it smelt like cheap pine, not little boy.  It was kind of sad. 

I love this carpet.  It was only $3 at a garage sale.  Best. Find. Ever!
The jar of super heroes and the disgusting vat of grow dinos

I finally got around to unplugging that alarm clock that just flashed 12:00 for months.  Every time I would set it, EVILBOY would unplug it so he could play his keyboard.  I gave up - time for it to go!  I love the monsters on the top of this shelf, they are my fav!  If EVILBOY doesn't want them, I may have to move them to my room >:)

Do you remember these old Little People buildings?  I used to play with these buildings (almost the exact same ones actually) when I was a little girl.  If I had to pick EVILBOY's favourite toy, this would be it.  The only problem is, apparently these are valuable so when you go to buy them at the thrift store they cost an arm and a leg - totally unfair!  I collected these ones at the Goodwill and Salvation Army store who don't seem to want to capitalize on children's toys.

I love EVILBOY's bedding.  Although a nautical theme really wasn't my first pick, it was just too cute to pass up and it replaced his old Cars bedding just nicely (except for his favourite pillow which will remain until that pillow case finally dissolves into dust - it's almost there!)

Those are original EVILBOY works of art over there.  They really bring the room together, don't you think?  Also see: Messy bookshelf - makes EVILFLU go crazy - don't mind if I do!!!

We did have a casualty.  HERMAN the crab decided to croak.  It was so sad to find his little body all withered and out of the shell *nightmares*.  He did live a very long life though, which was quite surprising to me.  Unfortunately I must break the news to EVILBOY when he gets home.  I will let him pick another little critter (hopefully not a crab) to put in his tank if he chooses to do so.

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