Gone Fishin'

EVILBOY comes from a long line of fisherpeople (politically correct version of fishermen).

I knew his dad loved fishing when I met him.  There was just something about his love for fishing that I found extremely attractive.  He liked to get his hands dirty and he was a great fisherman and knew a lot of fisherman stuff.  EVILFLU likey fishermen and dirty hands.

R. liked fishing so much that he even liked his pregnant woman to pose with his catch...


Unfortunately, R. did not get a chance to take EVILBOY fishing, something he talked about so much when our little boy was still sleeping in his crib, but sometimes life isn't fair.  Poor EVILBOY wants to love fishing so much.  He has his dad's fishing rod and most of his tackle box contents, but the poor boy doesn't have much luck with fishing.

The first time I took him fishing was at the Thames River just down the street from our house.  We casted out between the old rusted shopping cart and stereo speakers that had been discarded in the river.  Of course we didn't even get a bite, which kind of made me happy because I honestly didn't know how to get a fish off the hook if we did catch one. Not only that, I was fairly certain it would come out with three eyes or something.  It was probably a good thing.  EVILBOY was having the time of his life though - until this happened....

We soon tried fishing again, only this time we cheated and went to a fish farm...and we brought a boy to take the fish off the hook.  Only wouldn't ya know it, there were no fish at the fish farm - either that or they didn't like our bait or constant reminders to EVILBOY not to get too close to the fish lake.

EVILBOY caught his very first fish in the summer of 2009. In the very same spot that his father used to fish very often. 

Goderich - July 29, 2009

He was so proud.  Triumphantly holding up that fish in one hand, his other little hand clutching onto his beloved Shrek fishing pole.  Because he caught the first fish of the day, we all had to pay him.  It was a day he will never forget.  In fact, he still talks about it quite often.

We sort of retired fishing after that time.  Life got busy, he caught a fish and I still didn't want to touch fish or worms.

Until yesterday.

EVILBOY has been with my mom all summer.  Yesterday they were at the boat and EVILBOY saw some fish swimming around in the river.  He thought it would be a great opportunity to catch some fish using only a net.  He was successful - until he leaned in a little too far and next thing my mom knew, he was in the river with the fish, net and all.

The passion that little guy had to catch a fish reminds me so much of his father. You can always dry off but letting that fish get away is a crying shame. 

Of course EVILBOY fell in the river again 45 minutes later as he was stepping off the boat.  I guess he got his mother's sea legs. 

I'm sure this is not the last time he will get the urge to catch a fish.  It probably won't even be the last time he falls in trying to catch a fish.  He makes us all very proud.  Way to go EVILBOY!

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