To be confident...

Confidence has always been something I have had to work hard on.
Believing in myself doesn't come easy.
I like to blend in the crowd. 
It may not make me popular, but it makes me comfortable.

I am sure these two are afraid.
When you are moving on in your life, promising yourself to somebody forever, it takes a lot of guts.
At such a young age.  Very inspiring.

When they asked me to take their engagement photos, I couldn't say no.
(she is family after all, and would do absolutely anything I ask of her).

Even though I am not comfortable taking photos of other people, these two made it easy.
They were so easygoing and casual.Totally opposite of me worrying about getting grass stains on her dress or losing precious natural light.

The best part was, they requested all these photos in black and white (if you are into photography you will know what I'm talking about).  Big sigh of relief, black and white covers up many mistakes.

and since she is in my niece-in-law and I love her so much, I have also agreed to stand up as her bridesmaid and also take pictures of her wedding.

I am terrified.
This is their day. No fixes for blurry photos or broken memory cards.  This is a one chance deal.
and who knows, if I get through this, maybe I'm a little more confident than I thought.

Wish me luck.

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