Don't be fooled by this cute face...

My sweet little boy (in his new little glasses) has a gift. This child can say things that make you want to hide your face from the sweet little old lady at the end of the hall.

I grew up very closely with my cousins. We loved doing activities like colouring in Popples colouring books (with the intention of one day getting it published), locking my grandpa in his tool shed and tormenting the crap out of each other.

One of my favorite torments was the "fake pick" where we would pretend to pick our noses and "flick" a booger at each other. It was all great fun until someone would grow tired of having boogers flicked at them and run and tell on us.

Sometimes I can't help it but torment EVILBOY a bit. It's no secret that I miss my childhood, so sometimes to lighten the mood a bit or as a deterrent when he asks me a question I don't want to answer, I respond with a fake pick! It's a great temper tantrum deterrent.

One day in the elevator EVILBOY was being particularly annoying, asking for the same snack over and over. I could see this conversation going down quickly so I fake picked him right there in the elevator. He was in awe of my flick abilities and was convinced that it had hit the light. Sure did... (like I'm gonna argue that).

When he did get out of the elevator, there was the nice little old lady. EVILBOY was so excited about my "booger flicking" accomplishment that he decided to tell this nice little old lady that I picked my nose and flicked a booger on the light in the elevator.

The look on her face said it all. Even as I tried to explain that it was a joke, I could tell she didn't believe me.

EVILBOY: 1 MOM: embarrassed.

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