Country girl at heart...

My inner country girl really came out this weekend.   It started off on Friday when I called a friend of mine to set up a lunch date.  Turns out, a rat had decided to hijack her living room and make her have panic attacks all night long.

I watch a lot of Billy the Exterminator and I am not afraid of rats, so I did what any nice friend would do.  I went over there and kicked that rat's ass outta her house..  as it turns out quite literally.  It went a lot like this:

From then on, I proclaimed myself as the hero of the day.

* No rats asses were harmed by the kicking of a foot.  Just sayin.

Then that night I went to see The Beach Boys with my family.  If you have never been to a Beach Boys concert (minus John Stamos) then you seriously aren't even cool.  I thought I was going to see a bunch of old Skeletors up on stage frocking (fake rocking) on but these guys were way cool....and I knew pretty much every know, because I'm 30 now and stuff. 
I took this pretty awesome pic at The Beach Boys concert.  You can't really tell it's at a Beach Boys concert but trust me it is.
On Saturday EVILBOY annoyed the local car enthusiasts at the Fleetwood Country Cruize In .

This little stunt actually earned him a free ride in an amphibicar.  Which is when he decided to squirt the rest of us:

On the way home we stumbled upon a baby "guinea pig".

I was walking behind EVILBOY in an empty field when he started yelling that he found a baby guinea pig.  As I got closer, but still too far away, he bent down to pick this little "guinea pig" up.  It was then that I realized that it was not a guinea pig - it was a baby groundhog!  I screeched for him to put it down before it bit him (tired of going to the ER for animal puncture wounds).  This crazy little creature would not leave him alone though.  He wanted to be picked up.  Eventually EVILBOY annoyed him too because he ran away into a hole under an RV out in the field.

I kind of wanted to keep him.  If he didn't have flies on his face and look like he was a pervert then I might have had a pet groundhog right now.Which would have been pretty cool because then we could have had a cake for him on Groundhog Day and he could jump out of it and predict a shorter winter every year.  I'm sure there is money to be made in that somehow.

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