Together we shall be "8 eyes"...

Today I found out that EVILBOY may need glasses.

It seems that one of his eyes is kind of messed up.  Which is kind of a relief because all this time I thought he was going to grow up to have one of those weird squinty Popeye faces.  Turns out, his one eye just doesn't see all that great.

I am an expert when it comes to glasses.  I have been rocking the heck outta eye wear since public school. I was the kid that couldn't see the board and the teacher had to write the note home to my parents and I hid the glasses all the time and said I forgot them at home because I hated them.

That really happened.

My mom bought me pink glasses.  Cool right?


I still remember the day I got those horrid things.  A crazy hobo lady came up to me downtown and screamed in my face.  It was scary. Most of all I remember the smell of her breath.  Strangely enough.

I guess I kind of attributed that experience with my having to wear glasses.  I hated it.

I had to take off my glasses when I was in my uncle's wedding because they would glare in all the photographs.  I think I almost died about 50 times that day.  I was (and still am) completely blind without glasses (or contacts). 

Which is why when my eyes shrivel up from wearing my contacts for 20 hours a day, I wear these:
Which probably could have been a lot cheaper if I would have made them myself out of a couple old coke bottles.  I am blind-ish. Totally.

We will find out for sure on June 9 when we go back to the eye doctor for some eye drop stuff to check out what is really going on with his eye.  Fingers crossed that the poor kid doesn't have to go through a lot of the crap I did having to wear glasses growing up.    If he does need to wear glasses, I promise they won't be pink.

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