Sir Frederick Banting...the inventor of FLUBBER!

(photo courtesy of David Dimitirie)

EVILBOY and I were in rush hour traffic, on Adelaide Street.  Something I avoid if I can, but we were on our way home from the doctor's office.

As we sat in a line of stagnant cars, EVILBOY looked over at a painting of Sir Frederick Banting and excitedly announced that he watched a movie about that guy.

I was intrigued.  My son, the brilliant whiz kid who knew all there was to know about the history of our city.  Of course I had to ask him what happened in the movie.

"Well that guy in the picture invented this stuff - "

"Medicine",  I interrupted.

"Yeah, medicine, and then he cheated in a basketball game...",  he continued

I didn't know about this, now my genius child is teaching me things!  I started to sit up in my seat to make eye contact in the rear view mirror.  I didn't know Sir Frederick Banting invented insulin and cheating in basketball, this was some juicy gossip!

"then all the basketball players put this medicine on their shoes and the inventor put it on his butt"

....and then I realized he was talking about the movie FLUBBER.

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