The EVILs go to Niagara Falls!

This weekend, EVILBOY and I took a mini vacation to Niagara Falls.  It was a much needed vacation from our everyday life and I am really really happy to have experienced it all. 

I have been to the falls a few times, but this place never gets old!  Actually I have never been back since being a mother so this was a whole new experience for me.  Now instead of asking for everything I saw and wanting to go in every attraction we walked by, I was the one trying to weed out the good ones from the bad ones.

EVILBOY was in love with the falls so of course I had to put money in the viewer machine thingy so he could look at the birds that flew by real close.

We really didn't stay very long at the falls.  I had this really weird feeling like something bad was going to happen.  I felt like a suicide bombing or something could happen while we were there - and I was scared.  So we left.  Watching the news ruins all our fun sometimes  *sigh*

This is EVILBOY in front of the Ripley's museum.  He really wanted to see a two-headed turtle.  We were informed that unfortunately there were no two-headed turtles in this museum, but there were two headed cows posted on the outside so I saved having to buy tickets to this attraction (WIN!!)
There were actually many great attractions that let you take photos in their lobby without having to pay admission

I learned that Niagara Falls has a thing for big chairs, expensive parking and Charlie Sheen shirts.  Go figure.

After a while EVILBOY decided he was into photography and thus began photos of my butt walking up the big giant hill for the next 58 pictures.  Thanks EVILBOY.  A lot.

This attraction was a big waste of money - but it did have some amazing photo opportunities and some pretty excellent lighting.  I didn't say "that's it" about much in Niagara Falls but after paying over $20 to go in this place I couldn't help but loudly exclaiming - "THAT'S IT????"

Another giant chair.  I think I want one.
Of course the whole purpose of our trip was to go to Great Wolf Lodge!!  This was my first time ever booking my very own hotel room and it was lovely!  The first thing I thought of when I walked in the lobby was how much my aunt would love this place.  The decor was right up her alley.  Very rustic and a log cabin feel.

EVILBOY and I had a great time and everything was so wonderful at Great Wolf Lodge.  The staff was super.  The rooms were very clean and very welcoming.  We will definitely go back after I become rich and famous.

In case you were thinking of checking out Great Wolf Lodge, I put together a few things I noticed while I was there that may help you pack:

Great Wolf Lodge Tips:

  • Bring your own towels and/or a cover-up and flip flops or water shoes.  You are not allowed to take the towels provided by the hotel out of the water park area.  It is a long (cold) walk back to your hotel room (which takes you through some busy areas) and not having something to wrap up in is quite uncomfortable.
  • Bring a portable DVD player.  When you are done in the water park for the day, the room can get kind of boring.  The hotel provided us with a Ripley's book which was really interesting, but didn't keep EVILBOY entertained for very long.  Luckily I had packed his Fisher Price DVD player and luckily had cords that hooked up to the flat screen in the hotel room.  Push input on the side of the TV and you have entertainment!  Beats paying to rent a movie or a trip to the arcade ($$)
  • Bring Snacks!  I don't know about you,but water slides make me have the munchies.  The hotel provides you with your very own fridge and microwave.  I somehow managed to leave my home without snacks! We could have had so many goodies in our little fridge if I only had thought of it.  The hotel also provides a microwave, but beware, you are not allowed to cook microwave popcorn in it or you will be stuck with a fine. 
  • Where to eat?  We had dinner in the buffet at the lodge.  It was very yummy (but a little pricey).  The food was excellent, honestly one of the best buffets I had been to.  I was very impressed with the kid's buffet that was lowered to their height and the special kids plates.  There really isn't much more to choose from that is nearby and parking by the falls can be pretty pricey, so you may even want to order in a pizza instead.
  • Destroy your wristband!  When checking out, be very careful not to lose your wristband.  Your wristband can be scanned throughout the lodge for purchases so you must take care not to just throw it in the trash on your way out otherwise you could end up with fraudulent charges on your account.  
  • Get there early!  Even though the official check-in time is not until 4pm, you are allowed to start using the water park facilities at 1pm.   Our room was ready around 3pm and they texted us to let us know when it was ready.  You can use one of the lockers at the lodge or leave your stuff in the car while you are enjoying the water park.  We decided to go to the falls before our room was ready and as we were in awe of the giant falls I got the text that our room was ready.
  • Take lots of pictures!  Water park pictures are great!  The Great Wolf Lodge has a very scenic water park with lots of photo opportunities.  I do recommend that you either buy/borrow a digital underwater camera or buy a disposable water cam for photo ops in the water park area.  I had my bulky SLR and it was very awkward to avoid the dripping water from the overhead slides and I'm sure the humidity in the water park area was not very good for the camera. 


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