Walking a mile in someone else's shoes...

EVILBOY asked begged me for a pair of Sketchers spray shoes.  Unfortunately at around $60 a pair they just were not something I found to be within our budget.

I tried to figure out a way, even offering my then six year old to use this purchase as one of his Christmas presents.  I just couldn't bring myself to put down that much money on a pair of shoes that would likely end up with holes in the toes from stopping his bike down a hill (this is a common shoe problem for us).

I started to browse online for these "spray shoes" and found that people were selling their used ones for almost as much as the brand new ones.  After shipping to Canada, I may as well go all the way and buy them new.

One day while browsing a thrift store on my lunch I happen to browse down the shoe aisle (something I rarely do because I am afraid of foot diseases).  There right in front of me was a pair of spray shoes, size 1 and in almost brand new condition.

The price?   A cool $2.99.

I almost died.  Suddenly foot diseases didn't matter as much to me.  I figured some athlete's foot spray can be no more than $10, even then I was saving a crapload of money!  My friend pointed out that kids rarely have foot diseases and my bargain was even more spectacular.  I saved a whole bunch of money and my child didn't catch a foot disease.

Suddenly I was hooked.  I found myself browsing every thrift store in the city and guess what?  I found another pair of spray shoes, this time for $1.99 in a size two.

EVILBOY has been enjoying his spray shoes ever since.  I am happy to report that he has no foot disease and that I have saved a lot of money on his footwear.

Every time I go into a thrift store I now start off in the shoe section looking for another pair of spray shoes.

My mom has even caught on to this trend and just last week brought him a pair of the light up Sketchers that he just had to have in size 3. 

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