This was the weekend of floods in my apartment.  I bought the cats a brand new automatic waterer.  There have been too many times I have found the cats like this:

because *somebody* forgot to refill their water dish.

I was pretty proud of my little investment, that is until it somehow got knocked over and my dining room was flooded with cat water.  The whole time I mopped up the spill, first with a sponge mop and then with my favourite bath towel, I just prayed that the stinky cat water didn't dribble down to my downstairs neighbours.

I quickly learned that this waterer was crap and I shall vow to return it at some point in my life when I feel like making a trip all the way out to that big fancy pet store.

The second flood came when EVILBOY decided to pour his own juice.  I was in the other room and I heard the spill followed quickly with "Don't worry, I will clean it!".  I don't know why I believed him, but I felt at ease with his spill cleaning ability.

That is until later on when I went into the kitchen and my sock got stuck in a gooey mess.  Then when I opened the utensil drawer to find the plastic kid utensils floating, I kicked myself for believing him when he said he would clean it.

I had to clean the entire utensil drawer.  It had even soaked down to the wood of the drawer.  The counter by then was a sticky mess.  It was awful!

EVILBOY has never been really destructive, even as a baby, I honestly can't think of anything that he has ruined.  I look at the website Shit My Kids Ruined and I am amazed at the destruction kids can cause.  I have been really lucky.

I think the worst thing I can remember that EVILBOY got into was his dirty diaper at nap time.  It happened once.  I won't go into details.  I do remember taking a picture of the destruction, you know for his baby scrapbook, but after some discussion, R. and I decided  to delete all evidence of that horrid event.

Other than the diaper incident, I can't really think of many other times he has intentionally ruined something, but I do have photo evidence of a few incidents:

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