My cat wants to have babies...

Our female cat ("dumpster kitty" or "babycat") is now all grown up and recently went into heat. She meowed around the apartment for a few days, slowly driving us insane. My intention is to get her fixed, but the funds just aren't there right now.

EVILBOY was worried about his furry (horny) friend, so to help him understand (and protect his grade one class from the definition of horny) I told him that Babycat wanted to have babies and that is why she was meowing so much.

EVILBOY came out of his bedroom last night. I could hear his angry stomp coming down the hall (as I'm sure the downstairs neighbours heard as well) and I knew the first bedtime
excuse of the night was soon to arrive.

It took all the strength I had not to burst out laughing when he said:

"can you tell Babycat to stop saying 'I want to have babies' over and over again in my room"

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