Jinxed it...

Sorry fellow citizens, we seemed to have broke spring.  We spent the first day of spring with a little outing to the school playground where we rode bikes and took some pictures.  It was lovely and I had already planned our next trip out.

I knew we shouldn't have pulled out the bikes so soon because this morning the ground is snow covered yet again. 

I did experience spring long enough to realize that EVILBOY has grown a few inches over the winter, such that his pants almost could be classified as capris.  I also noticed that he has outgrown his (weird) bicycle.

He's grown so much that when he rides his bike he reminds me of a circus performer.  I think this means that the Easter Bunny will be bringing an extra special present this year.

I'm still in photowalk mode...I really liked these numbers for some reason

Happy Spring everyone.  I hope you all grew taller and not wider (like me) over the winter

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