Jelly Vitamins and Perverted Kitties...

I'm feeling optimistic today.

Maybe it was the extra sleep or exercise I've been getting, I can't be too sure, but things just seem to be okay for me. I haven't felt like strangling anyone or swearing at people in cars today.  Today was satisfactory.

Today didn't really start out that great.  I was having a shower, and right on schedule, EVILBOY banged on the door, wanting me to open his bottle of Cars jelly vitamins.  I shooed him away and not even two minutes later, the cat was at the door clawing to be let in.  I wished to have a shower in peace.  Just once to have a shower where the bathroom gets all nice and steamy and doesn't get let out by a kid who has a vitamin addiction or a cat who is addicted to seeing naked humans.  I remember being frustrated (and cold) after EVILBOY went away, trying to open his bottle of vitamins himself after I instructed him not to.

Then I realized that one day I will be able to enjoy a nice steamy shower.   I will be able to join that fancy biggest loser challenge at the gym and not have to figure out a babysitter who can watch EVILBOY after 8pm.  I will be able to have dinner with my friends without having to ask for a kids menu.  I will be able to stay out late at night.

I am a mom.  A (single) mom who will one day want nothing more than to be bothered about children's vitamins.  I will want to have someone who thinks I am incredible for being able to open a jar of vitamins.  I will miss having someone literally look up to me as a person who will keep them safe and a roof over their head and a bed to sleep in.

I will miss watching these stupid cartoons where all they do is have stupid battles.  I will even miss that damn perverted cat.

I don't know why it took me so long to realize this.  He is growing up so quickly and even though I feel like I am missing out on a lot, everything I have in my own home is much more valuable.

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