I took pictures of things...

Yesterday I went on a photowalk with a very nice group of people.

It was very cold.

and I got some practice taking pictures of things that were not EVILBOY.

Can't wait to do it again (minus the cold weather of course!)

PS- I went a little crazy with the butterscotch vintage action.  It was a dreary cold day, I figured the pictures needed a little extra "jazz" added to them. 

This was the first picture I took.  I think I kind of love it

This reminds me of the time my boyfriend in grade six wrote on the wall of the school in snow. That wasn't nearly as romantic as writing it on a park bench though.

Caught him mid-poop!

I like green signs.

Gross.  I think it was a squirrel.

James' cool new shoes

My gross old shoes.

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