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EVILBOY comes home tomorrow!  I have had a whole six days to myself.  A whole wonderful six days of doing whatever I want.

and I really liked it.

A six day break from reminding someone to wipe their butt.  Six days where I could eat candy for dinner and nobody noticed.  Six whole days without having to try and beat that level of Donkey Kong that is impossibly hard because someone else was getting frustrated.

I loved every minute of it.

This may make me sound like I don't miss him dearly, I honestly do, but I realized that  having a little me time is important, this is something I have to make happen a little more often, before I lose my cool again.  This week made me realize that more than ever.  I laughed, I smiled, I had wonderful times with some super awesome people.

I feel tranquil.  I feel like I do have a life outside of being a "single mother" and I will take advantage of that a little more often.

Now to find a way to fit this into my mothering role without guilt.  It will be a struggle.  I will have to get use to using a babysitter.  I have not yet hired a babysitter the whole seven years since EVILBOY was born.  I mean, I've gone out and left him with family and he has stayed with my best friend's kids' babysitter when we have gone out, but I have never hired anyone to babysit on my own.  Something I have to look into.

That being said, I can't wait to have my "sidekick" home tomorrow. These conversations I've been having with the cats are beginning to make me feel a little crazyish.

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