Some friendly advice to save you the embarassment....

This isn't even the bad picture on the DSi - but it's bad enough!

Today I let EVILBOY bring his DSi to his before/after school program.

Biggest mistake ever.

The thing about the Nintendo DSi is that it has a camera on it.  Some goofball over at Nintendo thought it would be a good idea to give children the ability to capture moments that nobody really wants to see.  Things such as the laundry folded up on the back of the couch, the dirty sink that hasn't been washed in days weeks, ten different pictures of EVILBOY's inner nostril, oh and let's not forget the best one of all, a candid shot of his mother sitting on the couch, texting on her phone, all five chins are present, wearing only an itty bitty tank top (sans bra) and little shorts.

I didn't even know a photo like this existed until EVILBOY's (very cute) daycare teacher told me he saw a very flattering picture of me on EVILBOY's DSi today.  The same daycare teacher that I will never be able to successfully flirt with again.

Children are so charming.

Parents - before you let your child's DSi leave your home, I suggest you do a full investigation of the pictures stored on it or else you may never be able to look your daycare provider in the eyes ever again. I can honestly say that this was almost as embarrassing as the time I slipped in a fresh cow poop at the Royal Winter Fair.

Monday will surely be interesting.

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