Gym class is EVIL...

I always hated gym class.

1. because I was afraid my boobs would bounce in front of the boys while doing track and field
2. because this could happen:

This is what happens when you trip over your best friend.
and land on your chin apparently.

I always dread getting the call from the school.  My heart skips five beats every time I see the school's name pop up on my caller ID.  Today the call was made by EVILBOY's gym teacher (who was also my gym teacher when I went to that school many years ago) who told me what happened and that he thought I should come and pick up my injured child who was waiting for me in the office, with a bunch of bloody Kleenex stuck to his lip.  He ended the message with "I am sorry to bother you at work, I hope your day is going better than this".  Which I thought was really nice.

To be honest, I was never really sure if I should have brought him in for medical attention.  It looks really bad, but he is acting completely normal and eating chocolates and candies like a pro.We did end up seeing a doctor later in the afternoon and he said that everything would heal up nicely.

I think the best part of this whole ordeal was the notes that EVILBOY's class wrote for him while his face was bleeding in the office.

Silly Bands make anyone feel better.  Also, I hope he feels "biter" tomorrow too!

The stork was a nice touch.  I also hope that EVILBOY can get better because a bruise goatee is probably not very cool when you get older.

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