Now you are seven...


This year so much has changed.  You learned how to READ, which is totally huge.  This also means I can no longer spell out swear words because you are now smart enough to sound them out.  We were in the car the other night and you even managed to sound out the title of a local "adult novelty" store.  I was so proud (a little embarrassed when you asked what they sell at The Stag Shop, but still oh so proud.

I wanted to let you know that I am so proud of you.  You are quickly becoming the person I always wanted to be.  You are enthusiastic and never shy.  When I went to your class concert at school and heard you singing louder than all the other kids, I could feel the tears stinging my eyes.  In my class concerts, I could only ever pretend to sing because I was absolutely sure I had a horrible singing voice.  Although I can honestly admit that you are really no "Celine Dion" when it comes to singing, there was nothing stopping you from singing your little heart out. 

I always wanted to be that kid.  The one that makes everyone laugh, who is not afraid to be seen and comfortable in their own skin.  You are that kid.  I wonder how someone like me could ever be so lucky.
Things that would hurt my feelings and make me feel bad about myself, you just shrug them off.  It amazes me.  I am so lucky

I am also lucky that I still get hugs and kisses before bed every night.  I understand that soon you will think hugging and kissing your mom goodnight is "gross" or "not cool" and I think I am ready for that. 

This one is going to be short (as I am sure they will be over time) as I have a bunch of cupcakes to bake for you and your 20 (!!!) friends we will be hosting this afternoon.  I just wanted to ask you to please just keep being you.  You are spectacular just the way you are.  You are funny and smart and caring and giving.

I am so that happy you are you.

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