Note to self: When he asks to invite that many kids again SAY NO....

EVILBOY had a wonderful birthday.  He was spoiled completely rotten and loved all the attention he received on his very special day.  This year, we decided to have his birthday party at The Boys and Girls Club of London.  The venue was very affordable and included the swimming he wanted to do and could easily accommodate the number of friends he had invited. 

His guest list was created one day in class when he went around with a list of everybody's name and asked them if they wanted to go to his party or not.  This made it difficult for me when I really didn't want to have that many children, but how could I possibly say no to the kids who wrote on paper that they wanted to go (most with a backwards check mark, how cute).

The guest list ended up being quite extensive with 17 kids total (mostly girls) including family and friends of the family.  This did not include the parents that also decided to stay (thankfully).   Everything was planned out and I really thought things were under control.  I spent the morning making goodies for the party

I was pleasantly surprised with how well they turned out.  In fact, I was so surprised that it didn't even phase me when my mother called to say she couldn't make it to the party because of the poor weather conditions.  She lives two hours away so I can't really blame her for not wanting to drive in the storm.  I was still feeling confident that everything was going to be perfect.

Only it really wasn't perfect.  As it turns out, I had seventeen first graders setting me up for epic fail.  They completely won. The party was the most unorganized party I had ever been to in my life, and the responsibility was all on me to make it work.  It was really quite stressful.  Kids were crying, kids were running all over the place, getting hurt, saying they were bored...I wanted to throw my hands up in the air and find a closet to cry in.

At one point as I was helping this one little girl with her third epic meltdown, I realized I had forgotten the pizza for the kids.  I had also forgotten the bowls for the chips and a knife to cut the cake - I remembered the cupcakes though.  Cupcakes are supposed to solve everything.  They did not - and I found myself having to run out while EVILBOY was opening his presents to get pizzas for my party guests.

When I ran into the pizza shop out of breath and realized they only had three pizzas left I wanted to cry.  Three medium pizzas to feed roughly 30 people.  It wasn't going to work.  So I bought all the pizzas and all the "bread" they had and rushed back to the party just in time to feed the starving kids before they started a riot.

I am so lucky to have parents that stayed and helped.  I honestly don't know what would have happened without having them there.  The fact that I had to leave the party to get food and return with hardly any food was a horrible mistake.  I don't even know how I forgot to get the food for the party.  I initially planned on having my mom run out to get the pizzas and when she couldn't make it I had planned to go while the kids were swimming, but I completely forgot.

I felt like I had to apologize to everyone that was there.  I could see "the looks" when I didn't have control. I know it was a disaster.  On top of all that, I had a really awkward moment with one of the mothers when she thought that EVILBOY's uncle was his father.

I had a long talk with EVILBOY about future parties and we agreed that parties from now on will only be a few friends.  I was completely worn out mentally and physically after his party and I have never felt that out of control since being on my own.

It really made me feel like "that poor single mother who had the disastrous party" that the other mothers will be talking about at their PTA meetings. I hate feeling this way.

I guess the thing that matters most is that EVILBOY had a great time and was very happy to have had all his friends at his party.
EVILBOY and the amazing cake his aunt made for him!

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